Friday 13 December 2013

Compass Points 67

It’s a rather shortened version of Compass Points today, as this week we have all been in London at the Compass Sales Conference, listening to our wonderful publishers tell us all about the fabulous titles they are bringing out next year! There are some real goodies coming up I can tell you – so here is a taster of just a few that caught my eye!

Desert for the Day is coming from Emex. This is a truly scrumptious idea – a book of 365 delicious pudding recipes – arranged with one for every day of the year – in suitably seasonal order. It is a £19.99 hardback with lots of mouth-watering colour photos throughout – definitely one to tempt all that love sugar and spice and all things nice!

And talking of recipes for those with a taste for the white powdery stuff; well no-one could be a bigger fan (not even David Cameron) of Nigella Lawson than I am; but nevertheless I did find the following spoof clip of the Domestic Goddess herself extremely funny!

Everywhere from Oxygen is a passionate and witty defence of the many joys and consolations of reading – something I’m sure booksellers everywhere will well appreciate. Helen Dunmore said called it “a brilliant travel guide to the city of books” which sums in up very nicely.

I’m sure there will be a great deal of commemorative publishing throughout 2014 to mark the start of the First World War. An interesting title on that subject caught my eye coming from Freight. Entitled Outside Verdun, it is a novel based on the experiences of a German soldier – a classic text, long out of print, which should find a wide audience with this timely reissue.

Of course it was “only” a comedy show, but nevertheless I know I am not the only one who find that watching the final moments of Blackadder Goes Forth is an extremely poignant reminder of the sacrifice that so many made in the Great War.

Benedict Cumberbatch – what can I say? You are indeed Cumberlicious, so I am very pleased that Plexus have seen fit to publish a pictorial biography of you – well done that publisher.

And here are three minutes of some of his finest moments from Sherlock –OMG actually I don’t think I should mention Sherlock, it just makes me hyperventilate.

To take my mind off Benedict, perhaps I’d better have a read of Apocalypse Next Tuesday – a wacky satire on the end of the world. This battle between good and evil is coming from Hesperus, and by all accounts is extremely funny.

Propaganda. Used throughout history to try and convince us – without us realising we’re being convinced – it can be a powerful weapon indeed. And also a very funny one when viewed with the hindsight of history. This new large format paperback coming from Arcturus is edited by Tony Husband, and contains many brilliant cartoon examples.

Rocks Off is a terrific biography of the Rolling Stones coming from Birlinn – which plots of the life of Mick and co using fifty of their top album tracks. Hmm, that definitely makes you wonder what is the best Rolling Stones album track? I’ve always liked the Harlem Shuffle, but maybe that’s just because of the promo video with the crazy cartoons!

Have you ever wondered if there is someone other than you living in your home? Possibly not a thought that has occurred to many of us – although at this time of year I definitely wonder whether there is someone other than me using my credit card. However, Nagasaki is a novel coming from Gallic, which is based on a true story where that very scenario occurred. It is set in France, where a man discovers quite by accident, that there is indeed a total stranger who has taken up residence in his house – and he has been living alongside her for quite sometime before the penny finally drops! This book has sold over 75,000 copies in France – and has won many awards. It is a most intriguing premise and I for one am looking forward to finding out a bit more!

The M25 – even if you live nowhere near London you’ve undoubtedly heard of this demonic ring road. Jam: One Night, One Road, Many Stories is an ace novel coming from Polygon, which explored how one almighty traffic jam on the M25 leads to a cataclysmic collision of many different stories, secrets and lives.

Wild Things Publishing are revealing more of those secret gems around the UK: Hidden Beaches will show you exactly where the best palaces are to paddle, swim surf, sunbathe or just admire.

So to finish, here’s a three minute clip of the best 25 beaches in the world – just the thing to take your mind of the cold, rain and fog that the UK is currently swathed in! Have a watch and see if you agree with the choices!

And finally; something seasonal to get you into the Christmas spirit – it’s an epic rap battle: Moses vs Santa Claus – enjoy!

That’s all for now folks, more next week!

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