Friday 22 November 2013

Compass Points 64 Christmas Highlights Special

It might not yet be Advent in the church sense of the word, but in terms of the more secular aspect of the season – i.e. buying tons of stuff – we are now well and truly on the run up to Christmas! Click below to be taken to the

This is a veritable cornucopia of wonderful titles! Here you can download a PDF of our top titles – sorted by category. Or if you prefer, you can click below on the appropriate heading in bold type to go straight to the page for the section you want where you can find all the ISBN and price information. 

The fascinating lives of extraordinary people: here’s the best of Biography

Fun and Fairytales, classic and modern; you'll love our wonderful Children's books

Be transported to another world with the best of our Fiction

From McCartney to Ellington, Jagger to Styles it’s time for some Film and Music

Ho Ho Ho, what we all love are Gift and Humour titles ...

What shaped the world we live in? Find out with these thought provoking History titles.

Lose yourself in Poetry

Whether you’re looking for a Power Trip or find yourself In The Eye of the Storm; you’ll need our books on Politics.

On your bike or on the pitch; player or armchair slouch; the Sports section has something for all.

Wherever you want to go, our Travel titles will take you there.

And if you’d prefer to journey via your imagination; then browse through our Travel Literature

All the very best in Gift and Humour from Summersdale

Last but not least, make sure you don't forget these smashers!

Phew – looking at all of this makes you realise just how many superb titles our wonderful publishers have come up with this year!

Now, what’s in the news this week?

F in Retakes (978-1849533133) from Summersdale  is zooming up the bestseller charts – and don’t forget the new one which is published this month  F in School  F in School (978-1849535069) both by Richard Benson .

Carcanet have just published their 2014 catalogue, which you can have a browse through here – lots of truly inspirational poetry, and what a beautiful cover.

The paperback of Trains and Lovers (9781846972638) by Alexander McCall Smith published by Birlinn has got a major media campaign to launch it this week, kicking off with a 4-sheet ad campaign starting on 2nd December for 4 weeks, focusing on key mainline stations on the East Coast rail line from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh. BBC Radio 4 are interviewing McCall Smith, which will be broadcast on 6th December and there will also be a Christmas day interview for BBC Radio Scotland. There will be an interview and extract from the book running in the Sunday Times, and it will also be featured in a Christmas selection in the Daily Telegraph and the Scotsman and there will be a piece in the New Statesman.

Space Has No Frontier: The Terrestrial Life and Times of Sir Bernard Lovell (9781903071984) by John Bromley-Davenport was launched this week by Benefactum. Described by Patrick Moore as “the Isaac Newton of radio astronomy”, the life of Sir Bernard Lovell spans almost a century of revolutionary advances and discoveries in science, whose applications were of vital significance in the Cold War. Lovell, it can now be revealed, was at the very heart of it all. The extraordinary life of Bernard Lovell began before the First World War and his story encompasses many of the great events of last hundred years: the Second World War, the invention of radio astronomy, the space race, the Moon landings, the exploration of the Solar System, the Cold War, the Cuban missile crisis and the defence of Britain against nuclear attack. It can now be revealed that he was also a spy. “He ranks as one of the great visionary leaders of science,” Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, said of him. The great radio telescope which Lovell built became and remains one of the most important scientific instruments in the World. The Jodrell Bank Observatory and the Lovell Telescope have held their place at the frontier of research for fifty five years. This book seeks to explore succinctly and accessibly Lovell’s life and achievements in the scientific and political context of the time. His legacy remains great, as can be seen from the extensive media coverage and personal tributes that his death in 2012 attracted all over the world. With the seventieth anniversaries of many wartime events in which he played a crucial role, as well as the recent declassification of information relating to his activities as an agent in the Cold War, this biography is sure to have a broad and timely interest. I must say that personally although I had heard of the Lovell telescope I had no idea quite how important and brilliant Sir Bernard Lovell was, and it certainly seems to me that a biography of this under-sung man was long overdue. Public fascination with astronomy today, popularised by figures like the late Patrick Moore and Brian Cox, makes Lovell’s contributions to science of particular interest.  You can click here to go to a clip on the BBC website to see Lovell talking to Patrick Moore about his work. I think this £20 hardback would make a very good Christmas present for anyone remotely interested in the universe – and I don’t just mean in the Doctor Who sense!

And have a look here at some amazing footage from the International Space Station, just to remind yourself what an extraordinary planet we all inhabit!

That’s all for now folks, more next week!

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