Friday 20 September 2013

Compass Points 55

Your weekly round up of publishing news, publicity information and trivia!

Wow – I woke up this morning to find Power Trip by Damian McBride published by Biteback all over the radio, TV and newspapers like a rash! The serialisation of this book starts in the Daily Mail TODAY and the media are going totally bonkers for it! The headlines all talk of “poison at the heart of Labour… this book reveals how Brown's spin doctor ran smear campaigns from 10 Downing Street, destroyed two ministers' careers and 'hacked' into secret Cabinet files… a very brazen assassin… few knew Brown had an equally amoral spin doctor… his sensational memoirs reveal the dark heart of politics… drug use; spousal abuse; secret alcoholism; extra-marital affairs… this book will hugely embarrass Ed Miliband and Ed Balls…“  and there’s plenty more to come! You can read the whole thing here on the Daily Mail Online . This is absolutely sensational stuff – and perfectly timed of course for the start of the Labour Party Conference. I don’t think there is going to be anyone in Britain who is unaware of this book today – and gazillions will want to read more – so make sure you have it on display!

Now, let’s move on from one story of deceit and secrecy to another – in the US this time. The Godfather’s Daughter by Rita Gigante and Natasha Stoynoff is a remarkable story of deception, violence and ultimately acceptance and growth set among the New York mafia. On the surface, Rita Gigante's family looked like all the other Italian Catholics in her suburban New Jersey neighbourhood. But behind closed doors, they had a secret - her father was the notorious crime boss Vincent 'the Chin' Gigante, head of all five New York crime families. In The Godfather's Daughter, Rita Gigante takes us on her emotional and spiritual journey growing up on the tumultuous fringes of the underworld. Her struggles with deception and honesty, violence and love, and sickness and healing finally lead Rita up to a world of light – and a life where she can finally accept and bravely live her own truth. This book and its author had a major feature headlined My Father:  New York’s Most Feared Mafia Boss with lots of photos in last weeks Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph) on 15th September – this has around half a million readers – so should have created plenty of interest for this title, from Hay House.
Read the article from the Sunday Telegraph here This book has just been published (trade paperback £10.00) by Summersdale and you can order The Godfather's Daughter here

OK, OK   you’re quite right, we really can’t mention  The Godfather without having a little watch of the original – so here’s one of my favourite (although rather violent) moments below.

But maybe you prefer your movie stars to be rather more subtle – and possibly British? Well in that case, this next title will be right up your street! Gielgoodies! The Wit and Wisdom of John Gielgud by Jonathan Croall is published in paperback this month by Oberon Books. This book had rave reviews when it came out in hardback, and the paperback is the ideal gift – perfect for anyone who likes a laugh. This delicious feast of “Gielgoodies”, compiled by Gielgud’s biographer reveals a less wellknown side to this celebrated actor: his lightning wit, his love of scandal and gossip, his wicked delight in putting down his fellowartists and his relish of bawdy humour. Full of startling new material, drawn from many unpublished letters and Jonathan Croall’s extensive interviews, the book also celebrates the man who dropped a thousand bricks. John Gielgud’s excruciating gaffes were legendary, and here are both the famous and the unknown, collected in all their glory. Whether committed backstage, in the wings or in rehearsals, on film sets or in television studios, they bring this merry and muchloved man vividly to life. “Gielgud was indiscreet even by the exacting standards of the acting profession… I could hear Sir John’s voice as I read” said the Sunday Times, while Richard Briers called it “a marvellous book, full of wonderful things. So funny – and so outrageous.”  It was shortlisted by the Sunday Times as one of its Best Humour Books of 2012, and features a foreword by Simon Callow. As Dame Eileen Atkins said, it is “such fun to dip into…. it will make wonderful theatrical stocking filler for Christmas.”

And here’s a rather irreverent reminder from Spitting Image of exactly why John Gielgud was such a national treasure!

From one of Britain’s best – to some of Britain’s worst. Britain’s Worst Walks: Travels Around the UK’s Gloriously Grim Backwaters by Ben Hinds will appeal to fans of Molvania and the Crap Towns series and is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of Britain, appealing to cynics and patriots alike. From Southend to Skegness via slums, sewage works and sandless beaches, this unique walking guide takes a look at some of the most overlooked routes in the UK. They may not be popular, they may not be pretty, but they’re all part of the great British landscape – whether we like it or not. These sorts of wry humorous “this made Britain what it is today” titles are definitely having a bit of a moment at present – knocking things down that we’re actually very proud of is a uniquely British characteristic, and this book is clearly written by someone who honestly loves all of Britain, even the scruy bits.  It features maps and full-colour photographs of the walking routes.

Don’t forget that the Radio Times Guide to Films 2014 is out now. This guide is very definitely the leading movie money maker for the book trade, selling over 11,000 copies last year. There will be a significant PR campaign for this giant £25 paperback, fronted by Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins and Barry Norman featuring TV, radio, national and regional press with weekly promotional features and coverage in Radio Times (readership of 2.3 million) right up to Christmas. The Radio Times Guide to Films features in-depth listings for over 23,000 film reviews and has 500 new entries from the latest cinema releases so it’s bang up to date. You get a review of each movie entry from the in-house team of film experts, plus the Radio Times’ five star rating and cast, character, writer and director credits, plus family viewing advice and BBFC classification, as well as DVD and Blu-ray availability for all titles. There’s an awards section covering Oscar and Bafta nominees and winners in key categories. Plus, winners for the Golden Globe awards, Cannes and Berlin film festivals. Clint Eastwood may be on the cover of the Radio Times Guide to Films 2014, but let’s think; who would get the Compass Points Oscar for best male film actor of all time? Well I've always been very partial to James Stewart myself – no no Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, (back to the Godfather again) or even Charlie Chaplin I hear you cry. But hang on a minute – isn't there someone we’re all forgetting? 

Hope you enjoyed some of the most memorable (short) lines spoken by one of Hollywood’s finest!

That’s all for now folks, more next week!

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  1. Arnie - we love you! No doubt that he is the greatest!!

  2. Agree - but Pacino is pretty amazing too...